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I have been a bit MIA with family and friends in town but I wanted to put up a couple of posts this week to keep the ball rolling and bring in the holiday spirit. I tried to theme this week’s Around the Web post as a holiday one. I am super excited about all these things!


Disney’s Nutcracker: This has to be the number one trailer of the week. I cannot believe they are coming out with a Nutcracker. I like that there is a different sort of plot to differentiate this movie from the traditional ballet. It keeps the ballet special and unique.

Christmas Reading List: Of course I have to include some sort of book related item in this list. I absolutely love Christmas books but almost all of them are kids books. I love Jan Brett books so much that I read them around this time of year to this day. I have struggled however in finding some good Christmas novels to read that are not to cheesy. I really liked this book list and am definitely going to be getting at least one from the library.

Holiday Cheer Ideas: This list of 12 ways to spread holiday cheer is a great way to change it up and get out of your normal holiday routine. For me, at least, these were all ideas to open up and spread some of the love to strangers or people you didn’t plan on seeing. I really like this list and all the ideas it gave me.

Sugar Paper Wrapping Paper: This beautiful gold and white wrapping paper is my staple for this holiday season. I also got the polka dots and I am wrapping all my gifts in it with some tomato red bows and ribbons. I just love how simple yet festive it is.

Last Minute Gifts: Career girl daily also has a last minute gift guide up that is helpful for anyone you might have temporarily spaced on. They are definitely pretty specific gifts but I found at least one that would be great for a co-worker/girlfriend/female family member.

The Last Jedi: We went to see the newest Star Wars movie yesterday with the entire family. It was just great to get out with the whole family and see something that familiar. I did like the movie, especially the current characters.

Ocean’s 8 Cast: Okay this is totally not holiday related and in general I am not a huge fan of these movies, but this cast is amazing. It just speaks for itself. I am not sure how I feel about the plot and who knows what reviews will look like but I will watch it for that female power cast.

StrengthsFinder 2.0: As you may know I am in a major transition point right now and I have been struggling a lot with where to go next. My dad is sort of a business coach and knows a lot about transition and finding a path through everything. He bought me this book last week and I am psyched to get started. I have heard great things from several other people. It is not at all holiday related but has been super helpful for me this week.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. I hope this holiday season brings lots of cheer!



O’ Christmas Tree

We went to a Christmas tree farm/nursery last weekend and found the perfect tree. It was quite the family adventure! I only wish we could have brought the dog, Charlie. Enjoy these pics from the day!


Skirt BB Dakota, Sweater similar (oversized), Tights similar, Scarf similar, Boots Hunter


Winter Goals

So before actually getting into my winter goals I want to do a little bit of reflecting on the past several months. This fall was an exciting one despite my crazy work/living situation. I loved going to the apple orchards (I went so much more this year than I was expecting) and I loved getting to hang out with friends and family a bunch. I baked lots of pies, which was very fun because I kind of perfected my apple pie recipe. So in all it was a season full of fun adventures. Looking back I do realize that I wish I had gotten out some more for fall camping and fires. Maybe next year?

In the midst of holiday season, it feels like winter should be just around the corner. I say this because it has still not snowed while I have been in Colorado and there is none in the forecast as of yet. I complied my winter activities goals and it is making me even more anxious for some flakes to fall.

  1. Sledding: When I starting think about this post I was brainstorming things that I have either never done or haven’t done in a really long time. For some reason I thought of sledding. It is something we always loved as kids but haven’t done in so long. I am not sure how much fun it will be now but I definitely want to give it a try.
  2. Read all of Harry Potter: In all fairness I have already started this one. They holidays for some reason are the perfect time to bring some Harry Potter in. I am in the middle of the second book right now and it is such a fun experience. It has been a while since I read them and I am noticing lots of little differences between the movies and the books that I didn’t see before.
  3. Ski at least 10 times: In high school this would have been super easy (probably would have go two or three times that) but throughout college it was really hard to get days in. Now I have a little more time and I am really hoping to take advantage of this.
  4. Roast Chestnuts: This is a weird one for sure but at Thanksgiving these year we baked chestnuts for the first time and they were ok but not very flavorful. I thought that maybe roasting them could add something.
  5. Go to the Opera: This is kind of an unconventional goal as well. I went to the Nutcracker last weekend with some of my family (hence the photos) and my grandmother and I talked about going to the opera together. No one else was very interested but I have never been to one and I think it could be a fun experience, especially with my grandmother.
  6. Go to the hot springs: This is probably not something people usually think of as a winter thing but in Colorado there are so many hot springs and it is so much fun in the winter when it is all snowy and cold.
  7. Hut trip: Again, kind of a Colorado thing but cross-country skiing to a hut in the mountains is one of my favorite things. My dad and I are really trying to make it happen this year since it has been a really long time since we actually stayed at a hut.

Christmas traditions are getting into full swing around here. It began with the going to see the Nutcracker at Macky Auditorium the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love getting dressed up and seeing the ballet. The theater is beautiful and the dancers very talented. I can’t even remember how old I was my first time but it is a favorite tradition for sure. I do remember that during intermission during my show I asked my mom (really loud) if it was ‘half time,’ during intermission and everyone around us laughed. I guess all that soccer really influenced how I thought about the ballet. This year my mom, sister, cousins and grandmother all attended the show. There were several changes this year that I was a little disappointed in but it was still amazing. I chose my whole outfit around this poncho that was my grandmothers. This is going to be one of my go to looks for the holidays. You can never go wrong with a classic black dress and knee-high boots.


Boots similar, Cape (was my grandmother’s) similar, Necklace Rocksbox, Dress similar (here is a more classic velvet dress)


Around the Web

A new week is already here. With the holidays closing in I keep expecting to wake up to snowflakes falling across my window but it has yet to happen. I am shocked at how warm it has been. By this time in Colorado we should have a least had a couple of snow storms by now. The nice thing is that because it has been so warm I have been able to do lots of walking and hiking. The lake by my parent’s house is perfect for an early morning jog with the dog (such a beautiful view as well!). I have been reading a lot lately so I included my current book in this week’s round up. Here is are my favorite articles and items from the past several weeks:



Getting motivated, organized and following through: I have been spending lots of time planning and getting myself organized. I found several articles that have really stuck with me. This Career Girl Daily has got me thinking about 2018 goals and how dreaming can be translated into a goal no matter how much of a stretch it may be. I also found this article on being a more put-together person and it has been motivating me to stay on top of things even when I am not in a permanent or comfortable position (not at home/work).

Style & Life Inspiration: Carly the Prepster has been doing a series called 1 Women 5 Outfits, inspired by Cup of Jo and I was very struck by the most recent post. Caroline’s story just is so inspiring and reminded me that people are so incredibly dedicated and capable. So many people face very tough obstacles yet are so resilient and persistent.

The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living: I am in the middle of reading this book right now and I just keep loving it more and more. It has made me think so much about career/life changes throughout life and how your major and career choice right out of college in no way dictates the rest of your life. I have always had this idea that I have to stick to what I choose and while there are advantages to sticking to one path it is not a life requirement. For some reason this book particularly has been so interesting for me to read right now.

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick: Number one on my wish list this week is this rouge YSL lipstick. I have heard great things about it and it is just an amazing color. It does come in so many different colors as well!

Plaid Wrap Skirt: I was in J. Crew Factory the other day and saw this skirt. It is so amazing and looks fantastic! Just so flattering and perfect for this holiday season.

Trader Joe’s Holiday Products: Last year someone gave us some Trader Joe’s Holiday tea and it has been my absolute favorite. I am so surprised I haven’t mentioned it before because drink it so much. The one I love is a chocolate mint black tea but I was able to find this candy cane tea this year and I am sure it will be delicious. I also am loving their white pine soaps and lotions.

Stacie Flinner’s Travel Stories: So I very recently discovered Stacie Flinner on Instagram and I am obsessed with her Instagram stories. I first saw the one she did on her Orient Express adventure and I was completely hooked. I just love her photographs and she has given me so much inspiration in planning my own Europe trip next summer. I have yet to explore her blog but I am sure it will be just as great.

Anthropologie’s Puffin Collection: I was doing some Christmas shopping with my mom last week and we popped into Anthropologie to check out their sale section. I found the cutest puffin mugs. I am seriously obsessed and can’t believe they are on sale.

Style Influencer’s, Kate Middleton and RepliKates: Kate Middleton is undoubtedly a style icon, who I very much look up to and am influenced by. I never new however just how far some people go with it. This article was fascinating to me because I never would have guessed the extent to which Kate has influenced fashion brands. It is just an overall interesting article on who has the most influence on fashion (throughout history).

Something else I did a lot this past week was go to thrift shops. My sister loves going and is really into converting old jeans into something new and exciting so we went a bunch this past week. I found some really great vintage items. I sometimes really struggle with thrift stores because they can be so big and just drain my energy really quickly but if you can spend the time there are often buried treasures!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.


10 Favorite Outfits: November

It is once again the end of another month! I rounded up my favorite outfits from November. The weather has been a little crazy and I was doing some traveling this month so I had a lot to work around. I am really starting to pull out the wool skirts and sweaters though!


Trench ASOS, Sweater similar, Jeans similar, Necklace Rocksbox, Sneakers Old Navy (very similar), Bag Nordstrom


Dress ASOS, Blazer similar, Booties Sole Society, Necklace vintage

Dress Zara, Tights similar, Boots L.L. Bean, Coat J. Crew Factory, Bag Kate Spade, Ring similar


Sweater ASOS, Jeans similar, Booties similar, Bag Kate Spade


Coat J. Crew Factory, Sweater similar, Scarf Nordstrom, Leggings similar, Socks L.L. Bean, Shoes L.L. Bean


Sweater similar (I am still looking for something closer), Leggings similar, Socks Hunter, Boots Hunter


Sweater similar, Skirt similar (love this flared one), Boots Hunter, Scarf Tilo, Bracelet vintage, Glasses Oliver Peoples


Top similar, Jeans similar, Loafers G. H. Bass & Co, Belt Talbots


Sweater vintage J. Crew (check out Etsy, Ebay and Vinted; I also like this one from J. Crew), Skirt Reformation, Boots L.L. Bean, Socks L.L. Bean


Top Macy’s, Skirt similar, Boots similar, Bag similar, Necklace vintage


Velvet Shoes

First I want to preface this post by talking about they adventure involved in getting these pictures. We went up into the mountains to take a family photo during Thanksgiving week and got all dress up, ready to go. I will just say that where we live in Colorado is generally pretty dry and we get storms but rarely rain. Also the forecast for the day was pretty warm and no rain. We got all set up with the tripod and is starts to rain. We pack everything up and the rain stops so we choose another location and try again. It starts raining again. Literally every time the camera came out is started to rain more. SO excuse the raindrops on my sweater because they are definitely visible.

So I having been wanting to share these shoes for so long. They are amazing! I just love the color and have been searching for some good velvet pieces for a while. My sister has been borrowing them from me a ton because they are so versatile and great for many different styles. I am going to link a bunch of options below!

I just noticed that they actually sold out over this weekend of sales, which I am super bummed out about. They are so comfortable and such a great shoe to just slip on. I am going to link a couple other pairs I have found. These are from Target and are the exact same color but don’t have laces. Also these from Target are velvet with ribbon laces and they are so cute (I almost like them better than the ones I am wearing). These are the most similar pair I found but they are a litter pricier. The last pair I will link are these blush velvet sneakers from Nordstrom Rack.


Shoes Old Navy (these are super similar in grey), Sweater very similar, Bag Nordstrom, Leggings similar, Bow similar


Winter Jackets for Every Budget

With the cooler months closing in and snow finally in the forecast I though it would be appropriate to do a winter jacket round-up post. There are so many options out there so I am rounding up all of my favorites from varying price ranges. I am doing this whole list by price from low to high. The cheaper options are first and the price goes up from there. I also tried to find multiple budget options for each style. The great thing about today is that so many of these options are on sale right now!


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.58.17 PM

1: This is by far my cheapest pick. Right now it is only $30 in all colors. A peacoat is a necessary item in any closet. This option however is lighter material so if you live in a very cold climate it definitely won’t suffice as a winter jacket. It is such a great deal though so I had to include it. It would also be great for both spring and fall.

2: This is such a great parka and comes in several really great colors. It is very affordable at $60. I have a jacket similar to this and it is my go-to in the winter. I highly recommend checking it out!

3: This classic topcoat is probably my most worn piece of outwear I own. It goes with just about everything and can easily be dressed up or down. Having some sort of classic jacket is how I bring my outfits to the next level during the winter.

4: A long wool coat is a must have. I really like the military style since it adds a little something more. This option from Nordstrom is such an amazing price.

5Here faux fur animal print option. $119 Also this one is actually my favorite and the cheapest faux fur one I have found. It comes in a beige/blush that I love as well.

6: A nice coat with a fur collar can be a nice addition as well. I liked this option from ASOS. I also really like this option from Ralph Lauren at Macy’s.

7: This is the perfect statement jacket and also has that oversized boyfriend look. I saw it first on Blair Eadie and fell in love. It is just an amazing print! If you like it tailored this one is a perfect option for the same price (it also has a great pattern).

8: This camel wrap coat is currently on sale for $272 and is usually $680. I do not actually have a wrap jacket right now but I am on the hunt and this is such a great option especially if you do not have a camel colored jacket. They go with everything.

9: This J. Crew Cocoon coat is an iconic winter coat. It is a litter pricer (40% off today!) but worth it. It comes in some great colors and could make for a great statement coat. This is very similar from J. Crew Factory but much cheaper.

10: Having a blush or white nice coat can be really nice for winter events. There are lots of options out there but I chose this Club Monaco coat because I am very into blush right now and I love how classic it looks.

11: Despite its high price I had to include this one since I recently discovered Canada Goose and have hear great things about the quality and warmth of their jackets. It is truly and investment piece that will last for years to come. It will probably keep you warmest as well.

12: I had to include a classic wool Burberry trench. The are very expensive however I found several alternative options. This wool-blend trench from Macy’s is a great price right now and has a very similar look. Also this coat from Nordstrom is a great trench in navy.

Stay warm!