Ready to Fly

img_4357img_4360img_4383img_4388I have definitely always struggled with what to wear while traveling, especially on flights. There are always so many factors to take into account. Recently I have found what works pretty well for me:

I normally choose a cotton dress because they are so comfortable but also can look nice and put together. This one in particular is long enough that if I don’t wear tights it protects my legs from the sticky airport/plane seats.

A scarf of some kind is definitely necessary. They are so versatile and can be very useful for the actual flight because the temperature on planes can be inconsistent and I tend to get pretty chilly at some points. I also tend to carry a cardigan or sweatshirt with me in case it gets extra cold.

Shoes can be difficult to chose because there are so many factors to think about. I want to look nice but be comfortable at the same time. Security is always a factor in shoe choice as well because some are way easier to take on and off than others! Boots! These boots are extra easy to take on and off because the have no zippers or anything and slip on easily. These are especially great for this time of year but I would definitely wear them in warmer weather as well. I also just love to wear these shoes, they are so cute and probably one of my favorite purchases of the year!

Jacket: This normally just depends on weather and it is really cold right now so I chose an extra heavy one.

Boots: H&M

Jacket: Coffee Shop by Santa Fe Apparel received in a Stitch Fix *

Dress: H&M

Earrings: Pink Pineapple

Tights: not sure some similar

Scarf: Tilo

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