Spring 2017 Runway Highlights

Runway looks are always very interesting because often outfits are a little too much for most people to wear on a daily basis. These looks however do give a sneak peak into up coming trends. Here are a few highlights from a number of spring collections.

  1. Pink: I honestly did not expect this one. It has been quite a while since all pink, let alone pink highlights, was really a thing and this year it seems to be the next big trend. Many designers really showcased the color pink in several of their looks however Valentino probably did it best and brightest. I am really not sure I will be getting into this one a whole lot but I can definitely see at least pink additions to looks becoming a bigger trend. 

  2. Shear: This one was definitely predicted in that fabric has become more and more shear throughout the years. Rodarte, Valentino, some Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Marchesa all incorporated this aspect into their collections.  

  3. Tiny purses: This was not super common across designers but the Valentino collection was filled with them and smaller bags are becoming more and more common in street style. 

  4. Cut out tops and dresses: Asymmetry. This cut out trend is easily seen in Louis Vuitton’s collection this year. It was also kind of a trend this past year and seems to be continuing however this time asymmetry seems to be a major factor in cut out design and placement. 

  5. Broad shouldered blazers and trench coats: Céline, Balenciaga and several Loewe looks really emphasizing the shoulder. We will see how much this catches on but it definitely has before and many designers seem to be really broadening and enhancing the shoulders in their looks.  

The vogue website is a really great, easy place to view all the collections, Spring 2017 Runway. Just as a side note the Tory Burch collection was also really amazing and it definitely seems like it will be an inspiration for many other designers this spring and summer.

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