Adventures in Cincinnati

A few errands took us on an adventure to the beautiful city of Cincinnati. I decided that because the weather has been so nice I wanted to find some fun things to do outside (and for free if possible). Here are some ideas:

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum: This first stop sounds like kind of a strange place to go visit but it is outside, free and very pretty. It is so large that we didn’t even get halfway through. There are many green lawns and some beautiful lakes spread throughout as well as many beautiful headstones and buildings. The lake we walked around had a really interesting bridge and lots of unique and beautiful trees. It was definitely nice to get out, walk around and enjoy the fresh air.

Smale Riverfront Park: This waterfront it incredible! It’s right in downtown Cincinnati along the river and it is a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the view. The downside is that parking is kind of a pain so choose your time well!


Other fun ideas: I love visiting the IKEA and Jungle Jims (an international food market) and there are many museums in Cincinnati  that are really fun!

Shoes Nike, Sweater Ann Taylor, Leggings Anthropologie, Scarf Pink Pinneapple, Sunglasses


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