5 Dorm Essentials

Welcome back to the second post in my series on college life and preparation! This is a series I am doing for the next couple months on getting ready for college and making that transition. For this post I round up the items that I found to be essential to living in a dorm. I tried to choose the things that I felt were essential to my experience but that aren’t necessarily everyday objects (like sheets and pillows which are very essential).

Command hooks: This one may seem kind of strange but it is something that I didn’t think about at all. I was prepared to hang any decor with things like pushpins or tape but when I began setting up my room the walls often didn’t hold up tape and because they were made of cement you could not push anything into them. Command hooks can give you so much room to design your room how you want. You can even get ones strong enough to hold up coats and school bags.

A rug: So this is one that I completely missed myself. I just didn’t think having a rug would matter that much and rooms can look sometimes better without them. I was very wrong, rugs are essential in a dorm room. It is so much nicer to walk on and it actual makes the dorm rooms look so much better. Once I added a rug, my room actually felt like my own and I finally felt comfortable hanging out and having friends over.

Fairy lights: Many college dorms have pretty harsh dorm lights. It definitely works but I found that adding some nice warm fairy lights made a huge difference in how my room looked and in how I felt while doing homework or hanging out with friends. There are also so many different ways to set them up. You can hang them on the wall/ceiling or on your bed or over you desk.

A simple first aid kit: Although these types of supplies can be found in health services on most campuses, having at least a few bandaids around can be surprisingly useful. I can think of multiple instances where I have needed band aid and not had one on hand (eg. paper cuts, mosquito bites etc…). I guarantee there will be a time that this comes in handy.

A travel mug: I used my mug all the time during college. Yes, I lost two of them over the years and had to quickly replace them because it I realized how much I use them. Having a cup of coffee in some of those early morning classes can really make the difference and it is much easier if you have your own mug. Dining halls differ in what they provide, however most do not proved take away cups (many smaller coffee shops do however). Having your own mug can be so useful and it is a much more earth-friendly way to drink your coffee!


I am sure I missed some things however these were the items I found to be essential or that I completely missed in my preparation for life in the college dorms. I hope this list was helpful!


2 thoughts on “5 Dorm Essentials

    1. They are plastic hooks with sticky backs and you stick them to the walls. You can get them in most big supply stores. So I got them at Walmart because that is what we have here but probably at hardware stores (Home Depot/McGuckins) and Target would definitely have them.


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