College Wardrobe Essentials

Most college students are just getting back into the swing of classes at this point. I thought I would round up those wardrobe essentials that I wore most (or found to be most useful) during my four years of college.


Three (or more) solid & comfortable button downs (some nice clothes in general): A simple button down can seriously class up any outfit. Regardless of what you choose to where everyday is essential to have some dressier clothes that work for presentations, job fairs and any other business events that you may find yourself in. You may not think this is something you need for what you want to do however there are so many opportunities in college and being prepared is essential. How you dress can have major impacts in potential job/internship offers. It might sound unfair but employers definitely take a first impression into account and how you dress can show how much effort and thought you put into that meeting or event. To them it can translate to work ethic and commitment. Show how much you care!

Leggings: College is all about balancing comfort and classy. The days for me were very long because I usually had classes in the morning, labs in the afternoon and then meetings and clubs in the evening. It was so busy and I would be walking so much during the day. Being comfort was super essential but I also wanted to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed. My staple item quickly became leggings because they are so comfortable but also can be dressed up or down depending on the day.

Several comfy dresses: Having several casual dresses is definitely essential in college because it is such an easy go-to outfit. Honestly I wear a dress when I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning because it requires little coordination and effort. This J. Crew Factory dress is my favorite right now because it is so perfect for the transition from summer to fall and it is incredibly comfortable.

Boat shoes/vans/converse: A shoe that works with most outfits and is easy to get on and off is definitely a must. Because you will also probably end up walking a lot comfort is also super important. I wore either my Sperry’s or white converse most of the time. In the winter Bean boots and riding boots worked best for me.

Jackets/Sweaters: I brought a Carhartt jacket, down jacket or a sweater with me wherever I went depending on the season. Our buildings were air conditioned so I always needed at least a sweater to be comfortable. Sweatshirts are great as well but I found that a sweater can easily class up an outfit without much effort.


Dress J. Crew Factory, Sunglasses J. Crew Factory, Boat Shoes L.L. Bean

This was just a compilation of those basic items that for me made my closet in college easy, comfortable and classy. There are definitely other items like accessories (which I do love) but in college you will probably find that you do not often need or have time for accessories. I wore simple jewelry and my backpack almost every day.


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