Velvet Shoes

First I want to preface this post by talking about they adventure involved in getting these pictures. We went up into the mountains to take a family photo during Thanksgiving week and got all dress up, ready to go. I will just say that where we live in Colorado is generally pretty dry and we get storms but rarely rain. Also the forecast for the day was pretty warm and no rain. We got all set up with the tripod and is starts to rain. We pack everything up and the rain stops so we choose another location and try again. It starts raining again. Literally every time the camera came out is started to rain more. SO excuse the raindrops on my sweater because they are definitely visible.

So I having been wanting to share these shoes for so long. They are amazing! I just love the color and have been searching for some good velvet pieces for a while. My sister has been borrowing them from me a ton because they are so versatile and great for many different styles. I am going to link a bunch of options below!

I just noticed that they actually sold out over this weekend of sales, which I am super bummed out about. They are so comfortable and such a great shoe to just slip on. I am going to link a couple other pairs I have found. These are from Target and are the exact same color but don’t have laces. Also these from Target are velvet with ribbon laces and they are so cute (I almost like them better than the ones I am wearing). These are the most similar pair I found but they are a litter pricier. The last pair I will link are these blush velvet sneakers from Nordstrom Rack.


Shoes Old Navy (these are super similar in grey), Sweater very similar, Bag Nordstrom, Leggings similar, Bow similar


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