Winter Goals

So before actually getting into my winter goals I want to do a little bit of reflecting on the past several months. This fall was an exciting one despite my crazy work/living situation. I loved going to the apple orchards (I went so much more this year than I was expecting) and I loved getting to hang out with friends and family a bunch. I baked lots of pies, which was very fun because I kind of perfected my apple pie recipe. So in all it was a season full of fun adventures. Looking back I do realize that I wish I had gotten out some more for fall camping and fires. Maybe next year?

In the midst of holiday season, it feels like winter should be just around the corner. I say this because it has still not snowed while I have been in Colorado and there is none in the forecast as of yet. I complied my winter activities goals and it is making me even more anxious for some flakes to fall.

  1. Sledding: When I starting think about this post I was brainstorming things that I have either never done or haven’t done in a really long time. For some reason I thought of sledding. It is something we always loved as kids but haven’t done in so long. I am not sure how much fun it will be now but I definitely want to give it a try.
  2. Read all of Harry Potter: In all fairness I have already started this one. They holidays for some reason are the perfect time to bring some Harry Potter in. I am in the middle of the second book right now and it is such a fun experience. It has been a while since I read them and I am noticing lots of little differences between the movies and the books that I didn’t see before.
  3. Ski at least 10 times: In high school this would have been super easy (probably would have go two or three times that) but throughout college it was really hard to get days in. Now I have a little more time and I am really hoping to take advantage of this.
  4. Roast Chestnuts: This is a weird one for sure but at Thanksgiving these year we baked chestnuts for the first time and they were ok but not very flavorful. I thought that maybe roasting them could add something.
  5. Go to the Opera: This is kind of an unconventional goal as well. I went to the Nutcracker last weekend with some of my family (hence the photos) and my grandmother and I talked about going to the opera together. No one else was very interested but I have never been to one and I think it could be a fun experience, especially with my grandmother.
  6. Go to the hot springs: This is probably not something people usually think of as a winter thing but in Colorado there are so many hot springs and it is so much fun in the winter when it is all snowy and cold.
  7. Hut trip: Again, kind of a Colorado thing but cross-country skiing to a hut in the mountains is one of my favorite things. My dad and I are really trying to make it happen this year since it has been a really long time since we actually stayed at a hut.

Christmas traditions are getting into full swing around here. It began with the going to see the Nutcracker at Macky Auditorium the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love getting dressed up and seeing the ballet. The theater is beautiful and the dancers very talented. I can’t even remember how old I was my first time but it is a favorite tradition for sure. I do remember that during intermission during my show I asked my mom (really loud) if it was ‘half time,’ during intermission and everyone around us laughed. I guess all that soccer really influenced how I thought about the ballet. This year my mom, sister, cousins and grandmother all attended the show. There were several changes this year that I was a little disappointed in but it was still amazing. I chose my whole outfit around this poncho that was my grandmothers. This is going to be one of my go to looks for the holidays. You can never go wrong with a classic black dress and knee-high boots.


Boots similar, Cape (was my grandmother’s) similar, Necklace Rocksbox, Dress similar (here is a more classic velvet dress)


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