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Characteristics Of A Real Relationship

Human beings were born to be social, so they always want a close relationship with other people. Relationships require enough effort for it to function, but with these things being practiced, it’s difficult to read your partner’s mind. A real relationship is one that doesn’t portray any kind of drama between both partners. Individuals have certain things expected from others like their level of smartness, ambitions, affection, plus how it should be in most aspects, and without these things, the feelings might drop. In a real relationship, they’re overlooked because they’re mere expectations which is a primary criterion for being in a relationship. People just love genuinely, and care for each other without having unnecessary expectations.

Unlike other relationships filled with emotional

Unlike other relationships filled with emotional blackmail, real relationships don’t possess this character. They work together, and don’t carry negative thoughts about themselves. Their love doesn’t think bad about each other, and it does not play the victim in situations that require them to admit their wrongdoings. In a real relationship, lovers take responsibility for actions despite the level of hurt. Real lovers are softhearted beings that are ready to forgive their partner because they’re filled with the understanding that these actions are bound to happen. If anything happens, it’s seen as a trip to that relationship, so the imperfections are not taken personally.

People in real relationships have the

People in real relationships have the freedom to enjoy a normal lifestyle without being monitored. When there’s love in a relationship, it doesn’t matter where you go, there’s always assurance on both sides that discipline is present. If you are destined to be together, it doesn’t matter what happens, your true love will always find their way back to you. Real relationships are not possessive, so freedom is not an issue, as feelings would continue to grow with care and respect for that couple.

Characteristics Of A Real Relationship

Most friendships are filled with jealousy, as people have been hurt before in many ways. The panic might be that they’re not ready to pass through heartbreak, so jealousy sets into that relationship. A relationship with jealousy cannot be enjoyable, as certain qualities would be ignored, making them look odd. True love is happy, and does not buy negative thoughts related to cheating. It’s often believed that if you don’t act jealous in a relationship, your partner would feel the love is not strong enough. This is a wrong theory because jealousy is useless in a real relationship.

There’s no fear in a real relationship, you’re permitted to say whatever is bothering you. Most partners cannot relate properly due to fear, and it’s a bad feeling as you wouldn’t be able to express what you feel. When there’s fear in a relationship, it affects many aspects like communication, quality time, togetherness, and even love making as you’ll be scared to tell if you’re tired to avoid losing your partner’s attention or being scolded. If fear is absent, there’ll be real love, friendship, genuineness with other good qualities of a relationship. It will be a one-sided relationship when fear is rampant between lovers.

Need and want are two different things that distinguishes a real relationship from a fake one. You can need someone due to fear that it’ll be impossible to live without them, but when you want someone, even if you’re separated, you’ll still keep that friendship. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid for being friends with them, but you were not compatible, so you’d rather toast to friendship forever. Hatred is not a quality of a real relationship, so if two people hate themselves constantly, that’s not a relationship. Insecurities are not a criteria for a real relationship, as trust would cover it up.

Misunderstanding is inevitable in every relationship, so in a real relationship, they face this challenge. The difference is how it is managed, as it takes discipline and love to control misunderstandings without losing yourself. Even in marriages, when misunderstanding arises, partners keep malice for a while. In a real relationship, despite what happens between lovers, they’ll give the same amount of attention. Lovers in real friendships understand that as humans, there are differences which make them special. Judgment is not present in a real relationship, as they’ll love and cherish their bad parts unconditionally knowing that it’s normal.

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