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Love for casino games

Gambling as an act has become a legalized practice in the world. It involves placing a wager on the outcome of an event, game which is based on probability. Gamblers, consciously risk assets, money etc. with the hope of getting a better reward from the situation. Considering the fact that gambling can become additive, age restriction was placed to prevent kids, adolescents from getting involved. With an increase in the rate of gambling, houses which are commonly called casinos were established for profit making.

Casino being a facility or business establishment is often located in densely populated areas such as tourist centers, restaurants, hotels, and suites, etc. This strategic sitting of casinos, create awareness about the presence of an event or gambling house to foreigners, and the elite who wish to be entertained and make profits. In casinos, numerous games such as poker, roulette, slots, blackjack are made available for players to decide on based on level of pleasured derived.

1. Poker

This is a machine that presents

This is a card game in which a winner is determined by the ranking of card values. At the initial stage, five cards are dealt to each player involved by a dealer when wagers have been placed. In bid of acquiring a card with a high ranking, a player calls the dealer for a swap of cards. When a call is made by any of the game players to put the game to an end, the player with the highest card ranking wins the wagers placed.

2. Slot

This is a machine that presents a variety of games to a player. To have access to play a game, the player must insert a coin, and then press a button or push a lever. This action causes a wheel to spin until it comes to a halt. The player is paid depending on the wheel symbol that the pointer is at when the spinning wheel stops.


3. Roulette

This game is simple and probabilistic in nature as it deals with the ability of the player to predict the outcome of a ball rolled on a spinning wheel. The wheel contains colors, shapes, numbers with which the player makes prediction on with the dealer after placing a wager as it is a game between a player and the house. A game begins when a house dealer rolls a ball in a clockwise direction on a spinning wheel rotating clockwise. The player wins when the ball lands on the color, number shape predicted by the player when the wheel stops.

4. Blackjack

Love for casino games

This is a card game that is based on a rule of getting a card combination value of 21 or close to 21. A player with value that exceeds 21 loses and the game busts if it’s a player against the house. The dealer presents two cards to each player with the value of a card unknown to the player. A player has an option of requesting for a draw of a new card from the dealer or making a call for its values to be combined. At the end of the game, the player with value equal to 21 or nearest wins in a competition between players.

5. Wheel of fortune

This a casino game that involve the placing of a wager on a symbol on a table underneath a spinning wheel. The wheel is segmented into 52 sections and when spun, the wheel stops with pointer to a symbol on the table. When the pointer points towards the symbol picked by the player, the game is won else the player loses.

6. Baccarat

This is a card game between as player and the house that is based on guessing. Both the player and the dealer get a hand I.e. two cards and the card values are summed up at the end. When the summation process is complete, the first digit of the result is neglected and if the player holds the highest value from the remaining digit, the game is won.

Games available for betting in a casino are numerous and it is difficult to suggest the most played casino game as players have difference choices of game. Regardless of this, research shows that blackjack is the most loved game as its is played by many people. For beginners, the slot game seem to be the most loved game as it is easy to understand and the player get involve.

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