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Rebuilding A Broken Relationship

A relationship is a vital part of human existence such that it would have been impossible for people to live in peace. There are different types such as nuclear and extended, other types include the relationship among friends, couples, or colleagues. Sustaining a relationship takes time and commitment, most of the broken relationships are mainly because of lack of determination to resolve any misunderstanding that may arise. Most often, a broken relationship takes time to heal if those involved are not willing to resolve their differences as some may end up separating or getting a divorce. Certain components make up a relationship such that when these are absent you can’t sustain a relationship.

A few of these include honesty,

A few of these include honesty, financial integrity, love, commitment, and forgiveness. Other components can make a relationship sustainable but, these are the most crucial ones that can help build a relationship. Honesty is a vital aspect of any relationship, it is quite unfortunate people get involved just to take advantage of each other. Imagine getting into a relationship with someone whose main aim is to defraud you of your money. It is painful to know the person you thought was your friend ended up being your enemy. Most individuals have developed a heart break when they found out that their best friend was the reason for their predicament. This can be troubling when you relate with people whose intention towards you can be determined.

Rebuilding A Broken Relationship

Without honesty, it will be difficult for two or more people to relate. Another thing to keep in mind is that a good relationship requires financial integrity. That means, you don’t have to cheat your friend or take advantage of him just because he is kind. For married couples, this is vital, imagine if your friend demanded financial assistance for a project which wasn’t real. This can be troubling for those who engage in such practices, cheating on your friend or partner is a heartless thing to do.

It takes time to build a relationship but, it can also be destroyed in a few minutes by a simple act of dishonesty. Some individuals have lost great relationships out of carelessness; you have to lie or cheat to keep a relationship. Others can go as far as pretending to be what they are not just to impress another, when you deceive someone because of a selfish reason, that relationship is a potential threat. It will soon break up if care is not taken.

Love is another key factor that is needed for people to live together; it keeps you going even when there is disagreement. You can’t be in a relationship where love is absent, love is needed for both partners to stay together, it enhances trust and affection for each other. For love to exist there must be a commitment to make it work. Most often, there will be misunderstandings such that without a strong commitment, good friends can end up in separation. There is no perfect relationship, it only requires love and forgiveness to sustain any relationship even amid challenges.

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