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Take a Pause, and Love Life

Every day we wake up, the sun rises, some other days it is cold, or it rains, but the chance to breathe fresh air and enjoy the surrounding goodness is called life. Life is good, deserving to be enjoyed, cherished, loved, experienced, even lived. Definitely not merely an existence but an opportunity to enjoy God’s creation around us apart from enjoying our existence as Human beings made by God in His image. Life needs to be loved always even when there are ups and downs; that is the whole experience. The interesting part about life is its ability to be a roller coaster that comes with various outcomes.

The love of life causes us

The love of life causes us to do things otherwise thought not possible like aiming for jobs that are beyond knowledge. It is taking risks without knowing the outcome, but the reward is worth the effort. Loving life means enjoying each day as though it was the last day to be on earth. Going on that road trip that has always been postponed, bungee jumping, zip-lining, taking adventure and not merely existing. Being able to share such moments with loved ones and documenting them for future reference, that is loving life.

Take a Pause, and Love Life

Having the love of life means being able to marry that person you love, having children and building a future. We are enjoying every family moment that comes, whether it’s pregnancy, birth, birthdays, weddings, sadly even funerals or any other sad events that could come. Means walking with them even at the hardest points like sickness, job loss, disappointments, falls, fears, rejection. That is all part of the wonderful thing called life.

Someone once said, “Eat life with a big spoon”. Loosely translating the phrase is relevant as it’s a reference to the fact that there needs to be a love for life. Luther Vandross added to the fun when he sang “The best things in life are free”. Love is one of the free things, so is air, kindness, peace and even life itself as we do not pay anything for it. Take a pause, and love life because you never know about tomorrow.

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