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The Difference Between Love And Infatuation

Getting a life partner is not only a cultural responsibility as many think but something that fills a certain void in a man’s life. A man has a certain void that keeps on haunting him when he comes to the age to marry. Men are not the only victims, women suffer too when they come to that age. Just as you stomp off out of teenage years, your interests will begin to change. Earlier, you had no interest in that boy or girl next door, now you do. In fact, you may begin to peep through the window just to steal a look at him or her. At puberty, strange feelings of companionship start to bombard you.

Love is a very strange thing,

Love is a very strange thing, especially when considering the consequences of expressing it to those you love. It is for a purpose which is long term and before which every individual must bow. Everyone falls in love, but how to do it is important to experience fulfillment. Before jumping into the gutter, think about the needs of having a family, its challenges and a valid reason for starting it. Couples fall in love for different reasons, some of which are flimsy. Likes and other such values should not be the reason for falling in love. This is where the problem begins, since most couples look at love wrongly.

Being beautiful or handsome cannot sustain

Being beautiful or handsome cannot sustain a relationship whatsoever, to say the least. She may be beautiful, but putting up with life’s challenges may pose a problem, particularly if you have a different upbringing from each other. Physical appearance has nothing to offer to a relationship, if anything, it can contribute to a complete fallout. Pegging matters of the heart on physical things is like trusting a drunk man to drive you home. A thriving relationship should be founded on something solid, something that can brace the difficulties of life without sinking. To get into a relationship, you must consider several factors if you want a long-lasting relationship. Entering into marriage comes with all sorts of responsibilities.

The Difference Between Love And Infatuation

For a man, he must think of what will happen to that beauty a year down. The eyes will become plump, the face will no longer be as supple as earlier, and she may grow some flesh around the waistline. If all you can see is that beauty, will you still love this girl after she has changed a lot physically? Love strangely does not build on physical aspects but something much deeper. The best way is to look for a good character since that is what you will live with. Don’t take a drunkard and hope to change him since it may not work out as expected. Instead, it is good to think soberly before rushing to a decision.

Infatuation cannot be love where body appeal takes the rope because in due course that appeal will fade off. Others will come who will be more appealing and may throw such a marriage to the rocks. Look for character above everything else to have a successful family. After identifying the girl or boy you want to marry, ask yourself if you are ready for it. Marriage is a hard knot to tie, so before declaring your interest, make sure you understand the challenges along the way. Then find out if you love her since no relationship can survive without genuine love. Never mistake infatuation for love, it is not and may never be.

Some ladies fall for wealthy men hoping to live happily forever after since they have everything they need in this life. Without realizing their mistake, they walk right into a trap and only realize their mistake when things begin to get sour. Don’t gauge a man or a woman by natural things because such things contribute little to the success of a relationship. Once a man is convinced that he loves a lady, nothing can stop him from marrying her. Remember, every marriage should look forward to rearing children which is the main reason for starting a family.

If parents turn out to be renegades who live a careless life, the children will grow up without the required virtues that constitute good character. They may turn into renegades, smoke, use drugs and do regrettable things. Choosing a partner should be done while putting all these factors into consideration to avert the big risk of laying ahead.

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