Milkshakes in Spring Lake

Last week we drove to the coast for a day to grab our favorite milkshakes at Hoffman’s and walk the boardwalk in Spring Lake for Aiden’s birthday. We got down just in time to enjoy the ocean and eat sandwiches at Tom Bailey’s Market (seriously an amazing deli). The rain started just as a were leaving, making our timing impeccable because it didn’t just rain, it was a torrential downpour. Spring Lake is such a cute little town with some huge beautiful houses. I love just walking the streets and looking at the architecture and gorgeous gardens.

Spring Lake is a great alternative to the popular Ocean City on the New Jersey coast. There are great shops, rental houses and a beautiful beach. I have only ever eaten at Tom Bailey’s but I have heard great things about the pizza place and other restaurants in the town. Hoffman’s milkshakes are amazing but it does get so crowded. Try to go earlier, like take a break from the beach, because it is insane and very difficult to park starting around 3:00pm.

I seem to be drawn to blue and white right now. Almost all of my outfits have been some variant of blue with white. It is definitely a great combination for beach towns though! This dress is pretty old but so comfortable and great for almost any activity.


Dress old (I’ve been looking for the vendor and will update), Basket bag Longaberger, Sandals American Eagle


Adventures in Montclair

We drove to New Jersey on Monday and spent the past several days just ryvuniating and visiting some favorite places. There are some incredible restaurants in New Jersey,  I have had some of the best meal at local New Jersey restaurants. The one thing I really wanted to do this time was go back to Raymond’s in Montclair for some of the best blueberry pie in the world. It is amazing! So much blueberry and they aren’t cooked fully through which I think is so much better.


So the filling in the pie at Raymond’s is hands down the most delicious I have ever had. The crust this time was a little hard but still delicious. I wasn’t super hungry since we ate a later breakfast so I ordered there steel cut oats which were really yummy and the perfect amount of food. Last time we went I ordered a Benedict and it was really good, I haven’t really heard negative things about any of their food. The one thing to be aware of is that service has been super slow when I have gone and I heard this has been a theme lately. It is worth it but not a good place if you do not have the time.


So this time we did not walk around Montclair for that long but it is a great town to visit with lots of cute little shops. I loved going in Parcel, which is a paper store downtown. I can get so much great inspiration just through their decor and set up. If you like crafting, scrap booking and/or writing letters, this is definitely the place to go. I have been to several other similar stores in Boulder and other cities but this one impressed me in how unique everything was. They used so many random objects, some of which many people might consider trash, and turned them into really beautiful and interesting decor.


The whole area is very quaint including the residential neighborhoods. There are some really gorgeous houses that are worth driving by if you are in the area. The surrounding New Jersey towns also have some great things to offer, especially restaurants.


Blouse similar, Shorts older but here are some similar printed ones from J. Crew Factory, Bag Nordstrom, Sandals American Eagle