Dark Fall Florals

Some of the trees around here are so beautiful right now. Brilliant reds and oranges are starting to grace our trees and I absolutely love it. This past weekend I went on a walk to find the prettiest leaves and stopped at the library on the way back. Now that I am not in school I actually have time to read for fun so I had a great time browsing the shelves.

I found my perfect (and affordable) dark floral for this fall. This gorgeous dress is the perfect style and the floral pattern is very pretty. I love the yellow touches and the general shape of the dress. The sleeves are so pretty and provide some coverage for cooler days.

DSC_0007DSC_0036DSC_0069Processed with VSCO with m5 presetIMG_2063IMG_2067

Dress ASOS, Booties Sole Society, Hat J. Crew Factory


Fall Penny Loafers

Good morning! For today’s outfit post I want to share one of my favorite outfits of the season. It is my favorite mostly because of these amazing loafers I purchased from Nordstrom. I mentioned them several weeks ago and ever since they arrived I have worn them about every other day. The are so classy and make just about any outfit look great. The heels have taken some getting used to but in general they are very comfortable and great for walking. They also work so perfectly with all the fall colors and leaves. I am very impressed with the quality as well because they weren’t cheap (around $90) but the quality feels like they could be much more. G.H. Bass & Co. is a Maine based company that seems to be all about creating quality shoes. They are perfect for all those fall adventures as well as work days.


Overalls similar, Button Down similar, Penny Loafers G.H. Bass & Co., Sunglasses similar (original post)


10 Favorite Outfits: September

It is already almost October. That is kind of crazy, I feel like this month flew by. So most of the outfits I am featuring in the 10 Favorites post were ensembles I wore just to work so I did not specify a location unless it was different than a normal day. I was set on finding some great looks for work that are both comfortable and classy. I am sure October will bring lots more adventures!


Top J. Crew, Skirt older J. Crew similar, Mules Nordstrom, Sunglasses (originals from J. Crew Factory but here are similar ones)


Top Old Navy, Sweater similar, Jeans similar, Shoes L.L. Bean


Start of the semester BBQ: Dress Lulu’s, Booties similar, Hat J. Crew Factory, Necklace vintage


Sweater L.L. Bean, Skirt similar, Mules Nordstrom


College presidential inauguration day: Romper Abercrombie, Jacket similar, Sandals American Eagle, Bag vintage Dooney and Bourke, Sunglasses (originals from J. Crew Factory but here are similar ones)


Button down similar, Skirt similar, Booties Sole Society, Bag Kate Spade


Top similar, Jeans similar, Necklace Baublebar, Mules Nordstrom


Dress similar, Sweater Brooks Brothers, Sunglasses (originals from J. Crew Factory but here are similar ones), Flats old Zara (these are pretty similar), Bag Kate Spade


Blouse similar, Jeans similar, Scarf (originally from J. Crew Factory but this one looks similar), Loafers G.H. Bass & Co.


Top similar, Skirt Madewell, Booties similar, Vest Barbour


Doggy Days

Cute dogs and gorgeous fall days are definitely recipes for perfection. There is an amazing amish market just a short drive from where we are so we frequent it often. They have amazing cheeses and you can try every single one. The cheese is the biggest reason we go. They also have a great bakery and a deli with some of the best sandwiches but it gets so crowded on the weekends. This time they had all their pumpkins out which got me very excited for halloween. If you have never been to an amish market I highly recommend checking it out! Many areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana are bound to have them. This time we took this adorable dog with us for a fun little adventure afterwords.

We went to Hoosier Hill, which is technically the highest point in Indiana (although it may not look like it. The drive is beautiful with quant little towns and lots of farms rolling over the hills. I realized that the spot would be perfect for a bonfire and picnic. There are some small trails but it is definitely a better spot to come roast marshmallows with some friends. There are some interesting, back road, places to explore and discover especially in this fall season.



Around the Web

Happy Monday! The weather is finally supposed to cool down by the end of this week and I am really looking forward to it. This week has been all over the place but there were a couple things that I was intrigued by, like this blog I linked, and several things that I think will be super useful, like the tips and tricks in this travel hack video. Here are my findings from around the internet!


Travel Hacks Video: I don’t usually watch a ton of YouTube but I have found myself on there quite a bit more recently and this video popped up for me. It was actually incredibly useful, I am sure I will be using some of these hacks next time I travel. It definitely inspired me and I went straight to Skyscanner to check out flights around the world. I am really wanting to travel more right now but I am definitely on a budget since I just graduated from college.

Town & Country’s Fall Movies: So one of my goals for the month of October is to watch lots of halloween movies, or halloween related movies which would included anything autumn. I know of a few greats that I watch almost every year but my hope is that by making this a goal I will find some movies I’ve never seen before. This list was a great addition for me because I had not thought of any of them and I decided that really including anything fall is a great way to go.

Penny Loafers: Watching Nancy Drew again really sparked my love of penny loafers again. I linked the Everlane website because I just love so many of their shoes but there are lots of great options out there. I recently bought ones from Nordstrom which I will be sharing in a post later this week but I also am loving these Talbots loafers (they also have the cutest equestrian embellished flats). The amazing thing about loafers is that they look so classy but are very comfortable and great for walking around.

A Clothes Horse: I found this blog while just browsing on Bloglovin and I was struck by the gorgeous photographs. I just love the colors and vibe. It is the essence of fall and I can’t wait to read more of her posts.

iNaturalist: This website has been around for a little while but I recently discovered it and it is a pretty cool resource. If you are going on a trip or spot some creature and would like to know what it is this website is a great way to find out. It crowd sources species identification and lets you contribute to science. I would definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you are going somewhere you know you will see lots of wildlife.


A Day at the Orchard

Happy first day of fall! I mentioned the apple orchard as one of my fall goals and I am really trying to stick with that! I want to go several times this fall. This first time was to Dougherty Orchards just outside of Cambridge City. It was such a beautiful day and the orchard wasn’t too busy. We decided on a half bushel because it looked smaller that we anticipated. They kept telling us to fill it up further so we did and now have so many apples! Pie has already been made and I am planning to make some apple cider soon.

On another note this outfit is just a perfect way to start the fall season. It has felt like fall for several weeks now (until yesterday) but since today is the first ‘real’ day of the season this seemed like the perfect post. I’m loving this plaid! I added two plaid L.L. Bean flannels to my closet this year and its getting my super psyched for all the fun adventures this season.


Skirt similar (also similar), Shirt L.L. Bean, Boots Tory Burch, Vest Barbour

Thanks for reading and have a great first day of fall! Unfortunately the weather here got really warm in the last few days but so many leaves are still changing so fall is still in the air.


Making Friends in College

Making friends in college can be tough but it can also be easy if you put yourself out there and stay true to who you are as a person. The great thing about being in college is that most people live on campus so you are already in the same place as lots of other people your age. Classes and extracurriculars also gives you an automatic excuse to have to talk to lots of different people.  For some people it is definitely easier said than done. Here are the three things that helped me in terms of making friends while I was in college. I try to explain what each really means because it is a way different environment than high school and many people take lots of adjusting.

Be yourself: During college many people meet friends that will, in some way or another, be with them for the rest of their lives. The sooner you start being true to who you are instead of being who everyone else wants you to be, the sooner you find the people who will be with you through everything and the people who really make you happy.

Get involved: I understand that not everyone likes participating in campus activities but being active on your campus really helps in finding those people. Being active on campus means that you are involved in several different activities. Selectively choose the things that sound most interesting to you because you do not want to overdo it but definitely be involved in several. Maybe some clubs, sports and/or committees, also having an on-campus job can be a great way to both meet people and make some money.

Let yourself be spontaneous: This one is not quite as self-explanatory. During college I was the type of person who made myself super busy all the time. I was either in class, at a meeting or doing a sport. I had to plan out when I was going to hang out with friends. I realized that giving yourself some time during the day to just let what happens happen can actually make for the most exciting adventures and the best conversations. You never know what will happen or who will come your way. Just kind of spend some time going with the flow and you are bound to meet new people and have some fun you really weren’t expecting.


I think these rules apply to lots of different situations, not necessarily just college. It can be really intimidating though to be at a new school with lots of different people. Most of all, I would try stepping out of your comfort zone a little and just having conversations with people. You never know who you are meeting.


Feeling Peachy

I took the photos for this outfit while in Maine and I am definitely wishing I were still there! It was just such a beautiful place with amazing artists and interesting landscapes. This outfit will definitely be a staple this fall as it is great for layering and those cooler days. I have probably mentioned before but this Rebecca Minkoff bag is so beautiful. It is sold out now but there are several others that are the same style just different colors. I also love this block heel trend because it makes for much easier walking but still looks amazing.


Jeans similar, Sweater vintage cashmere (similar style), Blouse similar, Booties Sole Society, Bag Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses J. Crew Factory


Fall Goals

So I did this with summer as well because I really feel like writing out my goals for the season helped me actually accomplish them. It also really got me thinking about the things I love to do that are very seasonal and I starting thinking about the things I have always wanted to do. This outfit is one I wore while we were in Maine and it is definitely a favorite. I feel like it also exemplifies fall with the plaid, quilted vests and brown riding boots. I also feel like this place we stayed on Beech Hill Pond in Maine was perfect for lots of the activities on this list. There was a fire pit, canoeing, cozy furniture and outdoor seating.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  1. Apple picking: Visiting all the apple orchards is definitely what I am most excited for this fall. I love it! It is so fun and the apples are always delicious. The whole week after I visit an orchard I bake so many pies. Many orchards also have some pretty incredible cider and apple butters.
  2. Bake a lot! This definitely goes along with the whole apple orchard thing but I love to bake and fall is the perfect time considering lots of my favorites like apples and pumpkins are in peak season. Pies, breads, coffee cakes, crumbles etc…
  3. Corn maze: I will probably do this one later in October but I love them. Its mostly about the apple cider, fresh donuts and fun times with friends. Last year a group of us went out to a corn maze at night and has such a fun time wandering around and scaring other friends. Its also an activity for any age!
  4. Fall camping: I realized that it has been at least three years since I went camping in the fall. It is actually one of the best times to go because the weather is perfect (not too hot) and the weather is not usually very harsh. Hiking in the Appalachians would be great or maybe canoeing on a lake up north!
  5. Watch lots of Halloween movies: This year during the month of October I want to try to watch as many Halloween movies as possible. I realized that last year I didn’t get to watch more than one or two and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I am making it a goal this year to actually watch lots of festive movies, both old favorites and ones I have never seen before.
  6. Visit a pumpkin patch: For lots of people this goes with going to a corn maze because often farms will do both and it is a great way to make a whole day fun and exciting. Because I have been in college for the past four years I haven’t really had the chance to carve pumpkins. As a kid it was one of my favorite things so hopefully this year I will have the time and place for it.
  7. Make lots of hot drinks: Yes hot chocolate and whipped cream is my favorite part of cool weather. I love it and I am very excited for another amazing season of delicious hot drinks. My personal goal for this year is to make some fresh hot apple cider with apples with pick from one of the orchards.
  8. S’mores by a roaring fire: I feel like bonfires are often a summer thing but fall is definitely the ideal fire weather. I can’t wait to cozy up under some blankets by a fire and roast marshmallows while sipping on some hot coco.


Dress J. Crew Factory, Vest Barbour, Boots Tory Burch

As always this list is by no means comprehensive as there are so many fun fall activities. Watching the leaves change, fall off of the trees and then raking them into giant piles to jump in is also a fall highlight!


A Perfect Fall Color

Fall is coming way quicker this year with all this cool weather. As I am starting to pull out all my fall clothing I have been thinking about those perfect fall colors. I will be doing a post on fall trends next week but the colors that come with fall are my favorite! Burnt oranges, browns, olive, mustard yellow and maroon (also blush is still in this year!). This maroon jacket is actually one I got last fall but never really got around to wearing it. I found it again and I am super excited to wear it because it is such a perfect color and it is very comfortable. Also this slip dress from H&M is the most comfortable and soft piece of clothing I have ever put on. I got it for the material and realized after that slip dress have been a big trend this year.


Blazer similar (also this ASOS biker jacket is the same color and so so cute), Dress H&M, Booties similar, Bag Nordstrom, Necklace gift, Pearls vintage