Adding Pink to Fall Outfits

Happy Thursday! Yesterday was 70 and beautiful in Utah. I so enjoyed it especially since it is probably going to be one of the last warm days of this year. I shared my monochrome challenge earlier this week and while brainstorming outfits for it I was inspired to do a post dedicated to wearing pink in fall. I love pink so much and actually do wear it all year long. Like wearing white, it is not typically associated with a fall color palette. Regardless I think it is a great way to bring something different into beige and orange outfits.

Accessories are a great way to do this. Bags and shoes are my favorites for pink but some pink sunglasses or a headband can really liven up an outfit. This fall I have been really into striped sweaters with pink and brown/orange. It is kind of a weird combo but there are some really cute ones. I featured one in my monochrome post the other day. I do have two entirely pink sweaters that I have worn a lot during this time of year. A sweater is practical for the cool weather and can be easily paired with a brown plaid skirt or jeans and a brown overcoat. The other way I have enjoyed bringing pink into my fall closet is through prints. A fall floral print can mix traditionally fall colors with a nice pink to create a fun new fall look!

Here are some of the ways I have incorporated pink into my fall outfits:


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I would love  to hear any ideas you have for wearing pink in fall!


Autumn Sweaters

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a nice weekend. It has been beautiful and sunny but freezing cold for the past few days (in the 20’s and 30’s). We went to Crumb Brother’s to get some bread and work for a couple hours. I had several phone meetings but was able to work out of the office for most of the day. It was so nice and productive! Today we are headed to the farmer’s market for pumpkins and whatever other produce we can find. I hope you are doing something fun and fall related this weekend! Here are some perfect sweaters for fall.


Bone cable sweater, rose cardigan, green creworange sweaterdark brown pullovercamel crewneck



Recent Purchases

So I did an Instagram try on to go with this post (first try on, not sure how I feel about talking to the camera). These are things I have purchased over the past month (at least). I definitely won’t be keeping everything but I still wanted to share!


Eberjey Hoodie: I have had my eye on this  for several months and finally decided to order it while it was on sale. It is possible the softest top I have ever tried on. The only thing to note is that the sleeves are shorter, so the fit is a little unexpected but I still think it is very comfy and perfect for a lazy weekend.


Everlane Hoodie: I shared this hoodie mostly because its from the company Everlane which is a sustainable clothing company. I am really trying to shop more sustainably and live out my values more, especially when it comes to clothing.



Chenille Sweater: Seriously, Aerie has some of the comfiest clothing ever. I have several sweaters from them and love them all, plus they are super affordable. This chenille one is so so comfy and very oversized. Also the color is great!

New Balance Running Shoe: I am going to give the credit to Lauren Sims for these shoes. I have been needing something versatile like this that is comfortable but can be worn with slightly nicer things (I also wanted black).



Grey Striped Top: This is slightly more of a tunic, which I didn’t really expect, but I actually really like that because it can be easily worn with leggings. It is very soft and great for everyday (gotta love a striped shirt).



Blush Jacket: This jacket is so so comfortable and very flattering. I ordered it but didn’t really think I would keep it because I do already have a pink jacket (different shade) that is kind of similar. I also was skeptical since I order a slightly bigger size than I usually would. The minute I tried it on I knew I would have a problem because it is so so cute. The color is so perfect and I actually really like the roomier fit.



Lilly Dress: So I saw this in a boutique on Captiva Island and loved it but was not about to pay over $200 (I am a grad student over here). The Lilly After Party Sale was coming up so I checked first thing for the dress and sure enough! I don’t wear Lilly a ton but I love some of their simpler designs (I am not a big pattern person).



Dress: So disclaimer, I am almost positive I am going to send this one back. It is very cute and I love the pattern, but it was pretty tight, especially in the arms. I just don’t think I would choose to wear it very much since its definitely tighter.

Levi’s Denim Jacket: This is definitely the best denim jacket ever. It is so so comfy and the perfect mix of fitted and oversized (sounds contradictory but its really right in the middle, very flattering but also very comfortable).

Straw Crossbody: While in Captiva I also popped in the J. McLaughlin shop and spotted the cutest straw bag (I would use as a crossbody). The price tag is definitely more than I can afford but I really loved and decided to look for something similar. I found this one on Nordstrom’s website but am still not completely sold. I really like the style but I feel like it is a little bulkier than I wanted.

I hope you had a great weekend!


10 Fall Essentials

Yes it is that time to get out your fall closets! I am in the process of going through my own, figuring out what I actually wear and what pieces I am missing. I compiled my list of 10 Fall Essentials which are the pieces I wear most in the fall and the things that make looking classy in the fall much easier.

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  1. Riding Boots (Tory Burch): A good pair of brown tall boots are the easiest thing to be able to just throw on. They look good with almost everything and are very comfortable to walk around in. Here is a great option and these are adorable as well!
  2. Quilted Vest (Barbour): Just puffer vest in general are a must for me from October through at least February. I recently got this quilted Barbour one and I love it because its lighter weight so much more suited for fall weather but I also have heavier North Face and L.L. Bean ones that work well for winter.
  3. Corduroy Pants (Nordstrom): Several great pairs of pants are definitely a fall staple. Corduroy is great because it is warm and I love this color! Dark wash jeans are also something I wear all the time during the fall.
  4. Plaid Shirts (Nordstrom): Plaid shirts are the best in cool weather and they are amazing for layering. There are so many options. My favorites are the L.L. Bean ones like this one and this one as well.
  5. Bean Boots (L.L. Bean): Yes this one is almost a given but they truly are great for both fall and winter. Sperry has some great options as well like these or there amazing customizable ones here.
  6. Cable knit sweater (L.L. Bean): It is an absolute must to have several nice sweaters in your closet both for fall and for winter. L.L. Bean always has a solid collection but you can find gems other places as well. I usually go for solid neutral colors because they go with everything but it can be nice to have one nice statement sweater as well. I have a great red one that really pops!
  7. Blanket Scarves (Nordstrom): These are just great on so many levels. I love that I can wear a scarf and then use it as a blanket if I am really cold. These have just been a big trend the past few years but I think they will stick around due to their versatility. Here is another great one. Also this one is my dream right now!
  8. Camel Crossbody (Mark & Graham): This is one staple that I am really in need of right now. It is an essential because it goes with everything. I am a total crossbody person because it is way easier. I love this camera bag from Mark & Graham, it is on my wishlist!
  9. A Great Peacoat (Nordstrom): This wine colored one caught my eye because it feels very fall and can easily carry into winter. The one I recently bought however is navy because it just a good color for any time of year. I also like this red one.
  10. Black Booties (Nordstrom): So it is really convenient to have a pair of booties that look nicer. Personally I do not like the heel to be two high just for walking purposes but there are so many cute boots in many styles. They also don’t have to be black but having at least one pair of black boots makes dressing in the fall much easier.

I always love to hear your thoughts and comments, especially if your pieces that are must-haves during the fall. Thanks for reading and have wonderful Wednesday!