Hearts & Floral Booties

I hope you are having a good week so far. I have been in a great routine this week (I guess it has only been two days) with waking up earlier. I really love have a little bit of me time in the morning to just read, listen to a podcast and workout. It is a routine that I really want to keep.

So this is the outfit I wore on Valentine’s Day. Yep I am so about the pink right now. Almost every outfit has some pink element lately. I think statement booties are becoming one of my favorite things. They just make an outfit so much more exciting. I have been eyeing another pair but really don’t need them right now.


Top Express, Skirt Express, Booties Zara (seriously loving these too)


Velvet Shoes

First I want to preface this post by talking about they adventure involved in getting these pictures. We went up into the mountains to take a family photo during Thanksgiving week and got all dress up, ready to go. I will just say that where we live in Colorado is generally pretty dry and we get storms but rarely rain. Also the forecast for the day was pretty warm and no rain. We got all set up with the tripod and is starts to rain. We pack everything up and the rain stops so we choose another location and try again. It starts raining again. Literally every time the camera came out is started to rain more. SO excuse the raindrops on my sweater because they are definitely visible.

So I having been wanting to share these shoes for so long. They are amazing! I just love the color and have been searching for some good velvet pieces for a while. My sister has been borrowing them from me a ton because they are so versatile and great for many different styles. I am going to link a bunch of options below!

I just noticed that they actually sold out over this weekend of sales, which I am super bummed out about. They are so comfortable and such a great shoe to just slip on. I am going to link a couple other pairs I have found. These are from Target and are the exact same color but don’t have laces. Also these from Target are velvet with ribbon laces and they are so cute (I almost like them better than the ones I am wearing). These are the most similar pair I found but they are a litter pricier. The last pair I will link are these blush velvet sneakers from Nordstrom Rack.


Shoes Old Navy (these are super similar in grey), Sweater very similar, Bag Nordstrom, Leggings similar, Bow similar


2017 Fall Trends

Last week I covered the fall closet essentials for that classy autumnal look and this week I am going to cover some trends that have been prevalent on the runway and the street. I actually found quite a few things that mix these trends so there is lots of overlap which is less expensive and more fun!

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Dark Florals: Darker florals but basically florals in general. I am really into floral jackers specifically. But florals have been such a big trend this fall that they deserve their own explanation. I found this top along with some other great floral inspiration on InStyle. This is one of those trends I did not really see coming since I always associate the pattern with spring and sometimes summer. I really like the darker twist though because it adds a little something that brings out the fall vibes in a piece.

Velvet: Yes this material has been pretty in all year but it shows no signs of leaving as of yet. Blush velvets have been big as well as more rusty colors and burnt orange (very true to fall). I have also seen velvet statement booties around a lot in many different colors especially most shades of blue. This bow comes in blush, dark green, a rusty golden color and traditional black!

Mustard Sweaters: So really just the color mustard. It has been a fall color however it is especially in this season. There are lots of different options out there like this one from Modcloth which has a great neckline. Sweaters are always a go to during this time of year so what better way to spice it up than with a fun color.

Blush Anything: This is one trend I also really didn’t expect to last into the fall season but it has and I am stoked about it. It is such a beautiful color and I have these perfect mules to take me through at least mid October. Also this gorgeous blush jacket by Kate Spade and this dress, which I also linked below.

Silk Dresses: I have seen this silk dress style, especially with long sleeves, everywhere this fall. They are very pretty and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This dress is  great combination of multiple trends. Also this blush dress from Nordstrom is undoubtable my favorite (plus its cheaper!). This mustard dress is also beautiful and definitely brings that fall vibe (pictured).

Statement Booties: florals and velvet and great colors, some pearls. I mentioned these a bit with that velvet trend but statement booties are a major trend this fall. Booties have been in for a while but this year take it to the next level with florals, bright colors, pearls and other embellishments. Go for a heel if you can! Personally I am not big into the sock boots but I do like the height of sock boots. I do love this trend though, it makes an outfit so much more fun!

I hope these summaries gave some ideas about fun ways to bring some new, on-trend pieces into your closets. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tulle Ballet

This traditionally ballet look has definitely re-emerged in the world of fashion as a popular spring trend. I am loving this pink midi skirt from Express that definitely emphasizes a ballerina look and kind of makes me feel like one!

A brief history on tulle as a fabric:

The word tulle comes from the town in central France where the fabric was originally created (Tulle). The pattern within the netting is that of a honeycomb. The netted fabric has become common in wedding veils and gowns after Queen Victoria wore a tulle wedding gown in the mid 1800’s. It is very light-weight and fluffy which is why is started out mostly under actual skirts and dresses. It also has an effect on the wearer that is brought out in the world of ballet.

More information


Skirt Express, Bodysuit Express, Shoes similar also these

Other beautiful tulle pieces: Jenny YooNeedle & ThreadMother of PearlTopshop